Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10th 2013- Happy Anniversary!

I haven't written in awhile, but feel my wedding anniversary is worth it. I know this blog is about the girls, but the girls came from somewhere, and that is the love of my husband and I.......

As of today Jim and I have been married 2 years. I know that isn't 5 years, 10 years, 50 years etc, what's so big about 2 years right? I mean come on, 2 years is just barely starting, 2 years doesn't mean anything, isn't there the 7 year itch to survive, isn't the divorce rate in the United States like over 50%, so woo-hoo we made it 2 years that doesn't prove anything right? Except... I disagree... In the last 2 years my husband and I have been through more things than a normal couple may ever see, yet I'm sure others have survived worse. But thanks to God and the sheer power of our relationship, I wholeheartedly believe we have only gotten stronger through our troubles and have become unbreakable. Don't get me wrong here, we fight, we get mad, we yell, we go to bed angry... but we communicate, we talk, we occasionally agree to disagree, we hug, we kiss, we make up.

Looking back over the last 2 years it amazes me we have survived. Even the beginning, I was sick our wedding night, which lasted into our honeymoon in Jamaica and cost us $300 to get better for the last day and a half of the most beautiful vacation of my life! From there we continued to live in an apartment above a pet store that smelled so rancid because they didn't care for the mess the pets left, plus dogs and birds up all night making an insane amount of noise! To finding out we were pregnant, then pregnant with twins, then 7 weeks bedrest in that nasty apartment because I was bleeding, then 7 more weeks of bedrest in the hospital, praying we wouldn't lose our babies, and 8 weeks in the NICU while we waited for our babies to get strong enough they could come home. Meanwhile, ending our apartment lease, moving into my parents, moving again into Jim's parents, and finally into our house almost a year ago. The loss of income as I went part-time to keep the girls out of daycare, me working every weekend and no real family time. My mom almost dying after going into cardiac arrest from a simple same day surgery. My grandma, that I had no appreciation for growing up, turned into my hero, my mentor, and passed away while my mom recovered. Jim's great-grandma whom lived to 105 amazing years old gave up the fight and passed away. We have been through numerous sickness's between us, our babies, our family, seen people we care about pass away suddenly and some expected, we have suffered financially, emotionally, physically and in the end... I still have my rock, my support, my best friend...my husband.

Now don't get me wrong... it has definitely not been all bad!! We had a lot of fun in Jamaica despite me being sick and it was still the most beautiful place I've ever been! We hated the apartment but there is a certain charm to being able to say we lived above a pet store! We had a lot of fun making those 2 babies! ;) I was able to gain an appreciation for my husband I never would have any other way after watching him faithfully sleep by my bedside and do everything for me while I was on bedrest. To watch him visit the NICU everyday and learn the simple tasks I've done so long I had no idea normal people didn't know how to do. (Change diapers, give baths, get dressed, even hold a baby!) I have been able to watch his face light up everyday he comes home and makes eye contact with the girls, which if I was working I may have missed. We have celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, holidays, Mondays, Tuesdays, etc just because! We have decorated a home, a nursery, a yard, we have made new friends, we have lost old friends. We have gone to church, we have prayed, rocked out to Christian music! We have lived life to the fullest...together... and for that I'm grateful!

I have been asked how I know we were meant to be, how even though we fight, we don't end it, how we could possibly have such a strong relationship... Let me tell you our secret! We have our fundamental values, to steal from work, we have our cornerstones that we rely on. There are things we love about each other that is more important than all the bad things that could happen. For instance, we have had our troubles while I'm at work on the weekends, Jim will forget to do some chore that may not be necessary, but appreciated, like wash a load of laundry. I get mad because I have no clean pants to wear the next day, we fight, but even though I know he forgot to do the laundry, or he forgot to do a million things some weekends, I know he didn't forget to pray with the girls before they went to sleep. We pray every night with them and it is something we both find extremely important and he may not have an amazing memory, but he has his faith, and I may not have clean clothes, but my children will know God and that will last forever. That is more important to me than having to wear dirty pants for a day! When I get mad I remember those things that I find so special about him that are part of the bigger picture. Yeah, I'm still mad about the clothes in the moment, but I would never get a divorce in a moment. If I didn't love him for his core values, what would I love him for? Love can't last forever because someone is good looking, or has lots of money, looks fade, jobs can come and go, but if you love who the person truly is at the core...on the inside...that can last forever!

So while today is only our 2 year anniversary, I know we will have all those other milestones, but it's just as important to stop and appreciate the 2 years we do have under our belt. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, beyond words, love my husband, Jim Enyart and am grateful beyond measure for every moment we have had and will have together. He is an amazing father, that may fail sometimes, but it comes from a place of love and well meaning. He is an amazing husband, that may drive me crazy some days, but would do anything for me, and I for him. Thank you God, for giving me this man, this family, this life. I love you hunny!

-Love, Heather Noel ENYART!