Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 14th 2015 3 years later we're back to where we started

I decided instead of filling your Facebook newsfeed with all the updates, to pull this old blog back out. It was always about the girls after all!

So a week ago Wednesday, on August 5th, the girls had their first symptoms of Impetigo. Brought them into their pediatrician, sent us home with an antibiotic cream and all was good. For once, I wasn't stressed about them being sick, or freaking out, or threatening to never leave our house again. Well that backfired! Jump ahead exactly a week... This last Tuesday night the girls were up ALL night taking turns screaming themselves to sleep. After having enough with their sleeping problems for the last month, since we came home from vacation, we decided we were sticking to our guns! They were not coming to bed with us, we were not sleeping on their floor, they could cry all night if that's what it took... And that is exactly what it took, they cried all night. Wednesday morning I very sleepily brought them to our MOPS steering meeting, where I noticed Anabell had red hives and was all swollen around her neck. Figured it was just from her crying all night and went on with our day. Until she started crying after her nap and wouldn't let me touch her. So we brought her into the ER Wednesday night and they sent us home with oral antibiotics and zyrtec for the hives. Isabell had a couple new spots but nothing serious. Then by the end of Thursday Anabell just cowered and wouldn't let anyone near her, she had a couple open sores on her and I just couldn't watch her be miserable anymore. So we brought her back to the ER. It was the same DR from the night before and he was worried about the drastic change and new spots popping up every time he walked into our room. So Anabell got her first ambulance ride to the University of Minnesota Children's Masonic Hospital. (Same hospital I did bedrest when I was pregnant and the girls stayed in the NICU) They put her on some pain meds and IV antibiotics and she seemed to be doing much better this morning after finally getting a little sleep. Then after her nap this afternoon, all the red hives she had turned into blisters and started spreading like wildfire. Her whole scalp is now covered with them, a lot of her face and starting on her arms and chest. So dermatology came in and looked at her and the current diagnosis is she has the staph version of Impetigo and it is releasing toxins into her body and it has spread throughout her body and is causing the new blisters. Also known as staph scalding. They are pretty sure it's going to get worse before it gets better and she will likely lose a good portion of her outer layer of skin all over her body. Then tonight she was doing better again and was hanging out with daddy while I went to get Isabell (I'll get back to Isabell soon) and her IV ended up swelling up and getting extremely painful. So they had to replace it and it sounds like it was quite the ordeal. She's had a rough night after all that, but I just checked on her and she looked pretty peaceful sleeping and they started her treatment of her sores so they were looking a lot better too...but it was 2:30am and dark so I will know more tomorrow.

Back to Isabell. Through Anabell's whole ordeal she has been a champ. After we realized Anabell was getting admitted, Jim brought her to my friend Jessie's house. She seemed to have had a great night overnight and fun today playing with her friends. In fact, when I went to pick her up she didn't even acknowledge me and didn't want to leave! I'm grateful she has somewhere she was that comfortable and I didn't have to worry about her while I was worrying about her sister! So I had talked to her pediatrician this afternoon and updated her on Anabell and asked if we should start Isabell on antibiotics also. She agreed, and my game plan was to get the antibiotics, run home, feed Chompers, shower, pick up Isabell and bring her to Jim's parents. Was going fine until I noticed she had a lot of the red swelling Anabell had 2 days ago. Still not as many blisters, but after watching that exact same looking skin turn to giant blisters right before my eyes today, I decided to call Anabell's DR at the U and see if I should bring Isabell in too. Decided that was best...and here we are. Admitted next door to her sister! :( On the bright side, after some mild trial and error with Anabell, we have a better idea what we're dealing with, caught it earlier and can start treatment quicker so hopefully she won't end up as severe as Anabell.

I'm finding the irony in a couple things here...3 years ago exactly I was on bedrest 2 floors below and down the hall and was just starting this blog! Unfortunately the food has gotten worse in 3 years, but other than that not a whole ton has changed, besides why in the world do kids have better rooms than pregnant ladies?! Then I can't believe I quarantined the girls last cold and flu season because I was so freaked out about them ending up back in the hospital, then the first sickness I don't freak out about is the one that lands us there. But it is what is and here we are. I'm going to go try and get my 2 1/2 hours sleep before they come do vitals at 5:30am again and I will update more as we know more! As before, we would be so extremely grateful for all your prayers! It is the hardest thing in the world watching your child in so much pain and not being able to do anything about it, and here I am watching both of them. My heart hurts, but I'm giving it to God to fix along with my babies. I just pray they can have comfort and healing soon. And thank you for all your prayers!
Heather, Jim, Anabell and Isabell

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