Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15th Night 2 and 3

Another long day done! Jim's parents came to visit and give us a little break, which was SO nice! It is beyond frustrating being 20 feet away from half your family and not being able to see or talk to them! The girls cultures haven't finished to know exactly what bacteria we're dealing with, so until they come back and we find out they are the same, they can't be in each other's rooms and we have to wash going between the rooms.

So who's first? How about Isabell... I don't know if I was clear enough at 3am last night, but she really really isn't nearly as bad as her sister. I know I've posted some pictures on Facebook of Anabell as she was getting worse and worse yesterday, but Isabell really doesn't even resemble her. She has a very few spots on her face, ears and neck, but not the big open sores like Anabell has. I brought her in purely because she had the red swollen skin on her chest and legs like Anabell had a couple days ago and seemed sore when I picked her up. But with would think it was the end of the world for her! She screams bloody murder every time they even grab the blood pressure cuff (maybe she has ptsd about blood pressure readings from her mommy?) So that's been fun! But all the nurses think both girls are crazy they take their meds so well! Every new nurse is like do you want to give it to her? Maybe a juice chaser? Put it in a cup first? I'm like, stop, just take the cap off and shoot it in her mouth already, you're making this too difficult! They look at me like I'm crazy, cringe and go ok... and the girls gladly suck it down like a straw faster than they push the syringe! But her plan... she needs to eat, drink, and take her meds orally before she can go home. She is eating ok, takes her meds like a champ...but she won't drink anything. We've tried every juice you can imagine, water, milk, and all she does is take a sip, says it's icky and won't touch it again. So they can't back off her IV fluids, they can't take out her IV, and we can't go home until that happens. (sound like her in the NICU, breastfeeding/bottles anyone?!) But if she can't step up her game, we can probably go home tomorrow. She has some pretty nasty diarrhea from the antibiotics, but other than that she's doing pretty well. We had a tea party, sent some fun pictures and videos to dad and sister and watched Tangled no fewer than 527 times today! :s But at least it wasn't Frozen!

And Anabell... You really can't tell she's the sicker babe! Seriously! That girl is guzzling all the fluids you can find her, eating everything in sight and being her silly little self! She had fun showing grandma that despite the brace holding her IV on her arm, she can lean back and drop grapes into her mouth since she can't bend it enough to reach her mouth with the brace! Then she'd giggle and giggle! She got her catheter out today and after tinkling a little on my leg she got up and sat on the potty and finally pooped for the first time in a couple days! Sorry about the TMI, but I've never seen a kid poop so much! Somehow this whole experience has made her rock the potty training! But we're almost positive she will be discharged tomorrow. But dad says she has been coloring, taking silly pictures and videos and they have watched Aladdin no fewer than 527  times today! But she has also become quite the fan of Toy Story and has made her rotation through all 3 Toy Stories quite a few times, I know a couple people that will be pretty happy about that one! The creams they started putting on them has worked wonders on her blisters, and they are clearing up quickly! She is still pretty puffy, but I'm just so glad to see her smiling again!

That's pretty much the gist of life right now. Isabell and I had an awesome nurse that let us take a couple hour nap, so I'm finally almost functioning again! But if I don't get to bed soon, that won't last long! So goodnight, and thank you for all your prayers! They seem to be working yet again!

Heather, Jim, Anabell and Isabell

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